What We Do

We create partnerships and implement strategies to communicate effectively with your target audience.
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How We do it

We bring marketing and innovation together in an organized framework designed to give you a clear competitive advantage.
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Why We Win

We get maximum results from minimal resources by utilizing leading-edge technology and innovative marketing concepts.
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Is your bottom Line
not Adding Up?
  • Are you wasting valuable time trying to increase your sales with no results?
  • Don’t have time to market your company and don’t know how?
  • Do you have a great business but can’t find any new customers?
  • Do you have a great website but can’t generate any traffic?

How DMC Delivers Results

We offer comprehensive, online, and offline resources targeting your ideal client utilizing multiple marketing channels.

SEO and Paid Advertisement

DMC creates a perfectly balanced campaign utilizing organic and paid advertising to gain fast results.

Content and Graphic Design

DMC designs your marketing collateral utilizing the right message and visual content to communicate messages.

Social Media Marketing

DMC develops multi-channel social media marketing campaigns to get you in front of your targeted market.

Web Design and Brand Development

DMC combines Neuro and Color Marketing to create best-in-class websites fully optimized to premium ranking.

Lead Generation Call Center

DMC has its Lead Generation call center staffed with agents that will represent your company.

Strategic Data Mining

We Find Qualified buyers and decision-makers utilizing the latest data-mining software technology.

Free Marketing Consultation

We increase your website traffic and conversion rates using lead forensics technology.
The following services explain how we approach SEO for a range of common purposes:
  • DMC will optimize your site to increase your traffic, and most importantly, conversion rates.
  • Techniques to improve your product listings in the search results.
  • If you’re investing in a new website, it’s essential to ensure it’s built to succeed in the search results too.

Leverage Our Proven Training Library To Build a Digital Marketing Dream Team That Gets You Leads and Sales

Here are the 11 core disciples your marketing team must have if they're going to win in 2021...

Conversion Funnel Optimization

We craft high-converting “funnels” that transform strangers into valuable customers at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

Paid Traffic and Customer Acquisition Mastery

We leverage traffic channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to grow your customer base without breaking the bank.

Social and Community Management

We engage in social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to respond to existing customers and locate with new ones.

Marketing Analytics and Data Science

We set up a basic analytics plan and determine the key metrics you should be tracking daily, weekly, and monthly.

eCommerce Marketing Mastery

We know what it takes to increase your sales and profits from your eCommerce store.

Community Management Mastery

We create an online community that builds awareness, generates leads and sales, and encourages your brand advocates to become active promoters for your business.

Content Marketing Mastery

We create and curate content that generates free traffic and leads while simultaneously building brand authority.

Email Marketing and List Building Mastery

We deploy automated email marketing strategies to grow and monetize your list while simultaneously increasing subscriber engagement.

Search Marketing Mastery

We leverage search channels such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Yelp to ensure your customers find your brand.

Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization

We deploy a repeatable process that gets you more sales and leads from the traffic you’re already receiving.

Copywriting Mastery

We master Direct Response copywriting with worksheets, slide decks, and other ACTIONABLE tools you can use to start writing high-converting, persuasive sales copy.

We offer an array of online and offline strategies ranging from lead generation calls to email marketing automation.

Digital Certifications

Our strategies are created and implemented by certified experts in every area of Digital Marketing.


What Clients Say About Us

DMC clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work.

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Do you only provide services to US-based companies?

No, we do not. In the past 11 years, we have provided services to hundreds of companies on four continents. Except for a few variables, marketing concepts and principles work anywhere in the world.

Can you also train our marketing team?

Absolutely. We offer a structured training program in multiple Digital Marketing disciplines.

Where is your company located?

We have physical offices in Fort Worth, TX, and San Diego, CA. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we are not accepting any visitors as most of our team members work from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many marketing companies; what makes your company different?

Our unique and exclusive customer acquisition methodology. We utilize a comprehensive, unified customer value optimization framework that has been a major disruptor in the digital marketing industry.

I am tired of wasting money on marketing. Do you guarantee your services?

At a very minimum, if you do not recoup your investment, we work for FREE. I am not sure how many marketing agencies can say that.

How much work do I have to do? I am always so busy.

Great question and easy answer. What makes our company different is the Get Out of our Way approach. You decide how much you want to get involved. Some of our customers love to be included in the process, but it is an option, not a success factor.

How can you tell if our company is a good candidate for your services?

Can you use new customers? Would you like for your customers to buy more products and services with more frequency? If you answer yes to these questions, then you are an excellent candidate.

How big must a company be to hire your services?

We have worked with companies with five employees to large organizations. So whether you are a small family-owned restaurant or a large transportation aggregator that performs over 2 million runs per year, our company will deploy the necessary resources and engage the required staff members to grow your business.

How much do you charge? Unfortunately, I do not have much money to spare.

Well, what took you so long? Here is the answer without answering. It depends on a few questions such as business size, the types of service(s) you are looking for. Our consultants meet with every customer, listen to their needs and specifications, and create a package that gets results while maximizing their ROI, Return on Their Investment.

How soon will I see the results? I need new customers fast.

It depends on how aggressive you want to be. For overly aggressive companies, consideration must also be given to implementing a growth strategy to absorb new businesses without compromising quality. Unfortunately, to some companies getting a million dollars account overnight is not the end of their problems but the beginning.

Do you offer any other marketing services besides Digital Marketing?

Yes, we do. Digital Marketing Connection has a lead generation call center, a data mining company, and operational framework management using the Six Sigma process methodology.

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