What We Do + How We Do It = Why We Win.


Our unique and exclusive customer acquisition methodology is what gives us the edge over the competition. We utilize a comprehensive, unified customer value optimization framework that has been a significant disruptor in the digital marketing industry in the past few years. This methodology has been tested on multiple platforms targeting multiple industry segments and can be credited for helping 12000+ worldwide companies succeed.

The most critical factor in getting results for all our customers is understanding that they are all different. For example, some of our customers like to engage in the process, participate, and know-how we get the results, while others want to have their phone ringing and email clicking.

Here are the three types of customers we service:

The Doers:

There is an old saying if we give you the fish, we will feed you once; if we show you how to fish, you can feed yourself.

The Pros: It will give you more control, and it is scalable. It can help grow by executing these strategies in-house.

The Cons: Requires much more significant investment of time and resources. During the mentoring process, the emphasis is placed on learning while executing to develop the customer’s knowledge and skills to succeed, thus delaying results.

The collaborators

This is when the stakeholder wants to be a part of the process but does not want to get involved with the day-to-day activities.

The Pros: The customer is interested in understanding our strategies and processes but does not want to get involved with the day-to-day activities.

The Cons: Customer involvement and joint accountability are critical success factors; therefore, collaborators must make time to support our efforts.

The Just Get It Done

These are usually the customers that are not interested in do-it-yourself videos or webinars, have minimal time for collaboration, and do not want to get involved with any aspect of the process. However, they pay for our services and expect to get it done.

The Pros: For the customer, no additional time or resources needs to be allocated. It allows us to execute our strategies much faster since there is no need for meetings and mentorship.

The Cons:  Customer joint accountability and support is critical in contributing to our success.