Increase your AdWords results by 100% Case Study

There is no better return on investment for fast results than AdWords, but the ROI can be significantly influenced by the way you manage your campaign. We use a methodology that focuses on a customer lifetime value, which increases its effectiveness tenfold.

Case Study: 

  • Changes to a Chauffeur Transportation Company AdWords campaign resulted in a 1000% increase in revenue and reduced attrition by 80%.

The industry:

  • The Luxury Chauffeur Transportation industry relies greatly on AdWords campaigns to keep their cars on the road. Large operators will spend thousands of dollars in AdWords to compete for leisure and corporate travelers. 

The Problem:

  • In the mid-20s, our company provided services for a New York transportation company that averaged 7000 airport transfers per day; as you can imagine, it takes many marketing dollars to get these many customers.
  • The AdWords framework consisted of answering phone calls and giving quotes verbally. With a closing ratio of less than 20% and very few repeat customers, they were burning cash on AdWords with no ROI

      AdWords campaign launched $10,000,000 per year initial budget

                  Reservation Agents provided quotes only

                                Closed one out of every five calls


The Solution: 

  • We created a customer journey pathway to increase the closing ratio and customer lifetime value.

Quotes provided by email including a video of the vehicles and a high-resolution digital gift certificate.

              Vehicle upgrades, airlines miles, luggage tags, inflatable headrests, and welcome gifts.

                       Dedicated VIP hotline, promotions, and incentives

                                     Introduction to the company’s travel manager or purchasing.


The Results

  • Our methodology increases the company’s closing ratio by 50%, reduced attrition by 75%, and increased the customer’s lifetime value by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

           Signed a new Corporate Account increasing customer value by 10 


The Conclusion

  • Using AdWords as a stand-alone approach in a competitive industry with little differentiation will only allow you to gain market share by offering lower prices. However, using a framework that establishes quality, customer service, and value will be a substantial competitive advantage that will not only help you acquire the customer but have him become an advocate of your business resulting in referrals and additional revenue.